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Brest Airport Address

Click here for the address of the Brest Airport.

The Brest Airport is located 10 km northeast of Brest, in a town called Guipavas. The airport is about a 15-20 minute drive from the city center, just off the N12/E50 road. It is very well sign posted from all directions.

There's an airport shuttle bus that runs between tram line A stop Porte de Guipavas and the airport. train station. Tram line A runs into the centre of Brest. When the tram isn't running the shuttle goes to the Brest train station. Shuttle service is 2 times per hour. Trams run about 3 times an hour. Shuttle to Porte de Guipavas takes 10 minutes. Shuttle tickets cost €1.45, are good for 1 hour on public transport in Brest and can be bought on the shuttle.

In front of the airport, you will find a drop-off lane (to the left), a bus lane (in the middle) and a taxi lane (to the right). Taking a taxi from the airport (see photos of the airport taxi rank) to the city center will cost about 15€ during the day or 20€ at night.