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Brest Airport Car Park

In December 2007 some 1200 parking spaces were added to the car park of the Brest Airport, bringing the total number to 2500 places.

There are three car parks at the Brest Airport. They are P1, P2 and P3. There are signs inside the airport terminal that lead you to the car parks.

P1 is a covered lot and has 430 places, and offers direct access to the airport by elevator or escalator. It costs a flat rate of 4€ for 0-2h.

P2 has 820 places, and is located in front of the airport. Cost is a flat rate of 2€ from 0-2 hours.

P3 is a reduced-rate lot and has 900 spots. The first hour is free, the tariff from 1-2 hours is 1€, from 2-6 hours 2€, etc.

All three lots offer special rates for long term parking, and there are also several spots available for year-long rental.
See the Car Park rates page for more information.

When you enter any of the car parks you take a ticket. You get your ticket by pressing the ‘stop’ button on the machine at the entrance. Keep your ticket (!), as you will need it when you exit. Payment is made in the airport terminal at any of the payment machines. Once payment is made you have 15 minutes to exit. Payment can be made with either notes or coins. A ‘regular’ credit card, those without a code it is reported will not work.
It’s also possible to make payment at the car part exit with a ‘regular’ credit card or a French bank card with a pin number. Payment cannot be made with notes or coins.

Car Park Contact Info:

Telephone:+33 (0) 298 328 637
Fax: +33 (0) 298 328 614